Sexy Slave Christy Marie

Sexy Slave Christy Marie

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This page is for those who just can't get enough of seeing Christy Marie in her lovely Slave Leia costume! This wiki is only about Christy Marie, and has nothing to do with Slave Leia Wiki. For those who want to go to Slave Leia Wiki, click Slave Leia Wiki. This wiki only accepts photos and videos of Christy Marie in her Slave Leia costume.

Christy's BikiniEdit

Links to parts and clothes that make up Christy's sexy metal bikini:

Christy's Bra

Christy's Bracelets

Christy's Collar

Christy's Chain

Jabba the HuttEdit

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For fan-fictions and alternate endings on Slave Leia, click Slave Leia Fanfiction Wiki.

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