Whilst serving as Jabba's slave, Christy wore a golden collar to match her gold bikini.

The collar had a loop extension where a chain could be attached. The collar itself was padded and was specifically made to fit snugly around Christy's stately neck. Thus, even when Jabba wasn't pulling her chain, Christy could still feel the collar around her neck. The collar's constant presence helped instill a slave consciousness in her. The collar showed ownership that Jabba had of Christy, and also symbolized the solemnising of Christy and Jabba's relationship as master and slave, similar to that of marriage.

Jabba pulls Christy back using her collar

Christy's PerceptionEdit

Christy hated all of her slave costume, but she despised her collar most. Not only did it allow Jabba to use his chain to control her every movement, it also symbolized her status as the pet and trophy to the powerful crime lord. Coupled with his habit of choking her for disobedience, she hated the fact that the collar dug into her throat and that it was so tight on her neck. When Jabba pulled her collar hard, she tried to stop it from choke her with her hands, leaving her body free for Jabba.