Close-up of Christy's bra

Christy's bra consisted of a brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with string.

The winding pattern referred to the feminine curves of her body, especially her breasts which the bra was meant to barely conceal and accentuate. The bra hardly concealed her breasts. It left the top half of them revealed, making her feel uneasy as Jabba would often stroke them. The bra also pushed her breasts up, making them more to Jabba's taste.

The bra also, unlike Oola's net clothes, revealed Christy's tight yet silky soft stomach, and her back. This also made her uncomfortable, with Jabba's tugging on her chain occasionally to stroke her back, and her stomach.


The back of Christy's bra, revealing most of her back.

Christy's PerceptionEdit

Christy was mortified that her top was little more than a brassiere designed to push her breasts up and accentuate their shape and size, further inciting the perverse desires of her obese master. Not only did the bra give Christy fantastically formed cleavage, but it also left her back, shoulders, and stomach completely bare, ensuring that Jabba would have easy access to her body at all times. The fact that the brassiere was fastened with string also made it easy for the Hutt to remove her top when he wanted to feel her breasts against his oily skin or taste them with his slimy tongue. All of these things made Christy absolutely loathe her skimpy top.